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My name is Glen Erickson. My friends call me glenroy. I live and work in Edmonton Alberta Canada, which I love. I sold drawings in grade school. I made my first website in 1995. I have designed my entire life, and I continue to design things to help other people look good and tell their story well.

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Edmonton Folk Fest
The Next Act Pub
Vanguard College
MOD Kitchens Closets Design
Choices in Community Living
Aaron & Jon Landscaping
Original Joes
Bredo Howard Architect
02 Taphouse & Grill
Wells & Associates Law


Canadian Arena Products
Interstellar Rodeo
Willowridge Construction
The Body Works Pilates Studio
Glen Ronald
Backbeat (school of rock)
Confederation Hockey Club
Lamont Health Care Centre
Geometrix Group Engineering
Jeremiah Townsend (realtor)


Alberta Music
Paquin Artists Agency
Tamara Beatty
The Provincial Archive
Maria Dunn
Kat Danser
Generals of Monrovia
Ayla Brook & The Soundmen
Neula Charles


LIFT Interactive
The MET Agency
Yellow Pencil
Cut + Paste
Odvod Media
Matt Cook Foundation
Old Strathcona Youth Society


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